Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The 3 by elections (Dua Bukit Satu Batang) were already concluded with a 2 - 1 win to PR.

  • The results cannot serve as refferendum to the support of the new government led by the new PM
  • Only 1 clear message signalled by voters; BN needs to change / reform
  • BN will study the reasons for the losses
  • Nizar's victory was not a suprise as he was expected to garner SYMPATHY votes due to the political impasse in the state
  • Nizar's win considered moderate (only with 2k++ majority) as he faced an 'unknown' challenger
  • New PM only just took over the leadership and cannot do anything to prevent these losses
  • In actual fact, BN has not lost as the results only mean that PR maintains their seats and no BN seat is lost
  • BN lost the votes of young generations as they do not appreciate the sentiment of growth brought by BN through all these years; whereas the older generation showed their gratefulness to the BN govt
  • The release of ISA detainees has nothing to do with the by elections, therefore, that move by the new PM was a sincere move in fighting for human rights and 1Malaysia
  • etc.....
In contrary:
  • The win clearly expressed that the rural people's trust for BN
  • This is a good message for PR to get out of Sarawak and no room for them there
  • This victory is an endorsement to Najib
Fine... No problem... I really hope that the next GE will shut their mouth up... I'll wait...!!! As long as God permits, I'LL DEFINITELY WAIT FOR THAT ONE SWEET DAY...!!!


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when the guy on the top said he's going to initiate changes, i'm not sure how fast the message is conveyed across. from the interviews i'd seen in tv, it's still the old-denial syndrome!