Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The 3 by elections (Dua Bukit Satu Batang) were already concluded with a 2 - 1 win to PR.

  • The results cannot serve as refferendum to the support of the new government led by the new PM
  • Only 1 clear message signalled by voters; BN needs to change / reform
  • BN will study the reasons for the losses
  • Nizar's victory was not a suprise as he was expected to garner SYMPATHY votes due to the political impasse in the state
  • Nizar's win considered moderate (only with 2k++ majority) as he faced an 'unknown' challenger
  • New PM only just took over the leadership and cannot do anything to prevent these losses
  • In actual fact, BN has not lost as the results only mean that PR maintains their seats and no BN seat is lost
  • BN lost the votes of young generations as they do not appreciate the sentiment of growth brought by BN through all these years; whereas the older generation showed their gratefulness to the BN govt
  • The release of ISA detainees has nothing to do with the by elections, therefore, that move by the new PM was a sincere move in fighting for human rights and 1Malaysia
  • etc.....
In contrary:
  • The win clearly expressed that the rural people's trust for BN
  • This is a good message for PR to get out of Sarawak and no room for them there
  • This victory is an endorsement to Najib
Fine... No problem... I really hope that the next GE will shut their mouth up... I'll wait...!!! As long as God permits, I'LL DEFINITELY WAIT FOR THAT ONE SWEET DAY...!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I admit, but i'll still die in it...!!

A normally lazy Sunday was not happening as I have to wake up early as my wife's relatives put up overnight at our partly furnished house. Not nice la to wake up too late, isn't it?? Hehehe..

I went to buy breakfast and for the first time in so many years I bought newspapers on Sunday morning. Sunday Star and Berita Minggu. I flipped through the Star and I read one good Q&A session with Nazri Aziz. Read it here

It is so obvious that the so called money politics can't be separated from UMNO. At least he admitted it. It's just so unfortunate that he will die with it. Don't have balls to get out of the stinking tunnel.

As I've posted before, most of members of UMNO, 'inherited' their membership from their forefathers and therefore do not want to 'betray' that culture. What?? Your brain also inherited ka?? It's almost the same as religion. 'Some' of the muslims just inherit the religion without conforming to its teachings. They just blindly follow.... "At least they have something to hold on to and can have that sense of belonging," said one of my good friend.

Hmmm.... Then, why did God gave us brain individually and not collectively? Like the strata title compared to individual title?

A good UMNO friend of mine ask me few days back, "Do you think that you're damn perfect that you want to blame everything you see..??" I replied, "Yup, I am damn perfect not to fall prey to all these nonsense, for the least."

Are all of them blind?? Or blinded only by money and power?? Or like what U2 says "got stuck in the moment, and you can't get out of it"...???? God knows...

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Waduh... Such a headache these few days.. Such a chaos.. Main important lesson that we can learn from here is actually - POLITICIANS ARE NOT SERVING US!!!! No matter from which party they are from, what matters most for them is just their own stomach!! Full stop...!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Warisan..... 1... 2... 3...

Anak kecil main api,
Terbakar hatinya yang sepi,
Air mata darah bercampur keringat,
Bumi dipijak milik orang.

Nenek moyang kaya raya,
Tergadai seluruh harta benda,
Akibat sengketa sesamalah kita,
Cita lenyap di arus zaman.

Indahnya bumi kita ini,
Warisan berkurun lamanya,
Hasil mengalir ke tangan yang lain,
Pribumi merintih sendiri.

Masa depan sungguh kelam,
Kan lenyap peristiwa semalam,
Tertutuplah hati terkunci mati,
Maruah peribadi dah hilang.

Kini kita cuma tinggal kuasa,
Yang akan menentukan bangsa,
Bersatulah hati bersama berbakti,
Pulih kembali harga diri.

Kita sudah tiada masa,
Majulah dengan Maha Perkasa,
Janganlah terlalai teruskan usaha,
Melayu Gagah Di Nusantara.

This song has been in the memory of many Malays for ages. I wonder who created it and the purpose of it's creation. If we plainly read thru the lyrics, it tells few stories.

1. The Malays have lost lots of land to others whether it's Chinese, Indians, foreigners, etc which was inherited from the ancestors.

2. The Malays from earlier days are not united and always fight among themselves which led to disasterous condition.

3. The Malays are suffering from their own problems which in the end resulted in lost of dignity as a whole.

4. The political power which are still lies within Malays grasp is the only way out of this suffering to become once again a dignified community.

I remember my conversation with one of my good friend hails from Perak which is actually a PAS supporter despite most of his family members are UMNO members including few top officials. We were on the way to KT for the bye-bye election recently. He hated UMNO before and still hates UMNO now but after GE last year and the transition of government in Perak to PR, he is really pissed off with PR. His reason is because the PAS govt in Perak is just a puppet govt to DAP as non-Malay exco members are more than Malays. It benefits the non-Malays more than the majority citizens of the state.

He raised 1 issue regarding the reward of freehold land titles to the chinese in Perak instead of previously UMNO govt only gave out leasehold titles.

My questions are:-

1. Are these chinese the rich chinese or the poor ones?

2. Are these chinese citizens of this country, born in this country, work and earn their living in this country?

3. How many acres of land involved in this issue? Are they more than what UMNO has given to the rich and famous chinese over 50 years occupation?

4. Who decided DAP to hold more state seats than PAS and PKR and UMNO? The people or the government or UMNO or Pak Lah or Tajol Rosli or who??

5. Last question is whether these chinese are human or animal? Are their blood red or green or black or orange in colour? They breath thru nose, mouth, ears, skin, feet or what?

If UMNO has never really concerned about lost of bumi land over these 50 years, what difference does it make now?

Malays are not united and the main factor is greed. True or not?? Look back and study down the memory lane on how UMNO as the biggest Malay political party fight among themselves over absolute power which lead to money. If money politics (money politics?? any different with corruption??) does not exist, UMNO will cease to exist.

Political power remain with the Malays but UMNO Malays do nothing to bring back the dignity of Malays. Their Malay means on UMNO Malays and not even all UMNO Malays are their brothers.

UMNO announced before KT bye-bye election that they have allocated RM7m to replace ruined village houses roof in that constituency. My house in KT suffers a serious leakage and my mother went to register at the JKKK of our kampung. That was almost 2 months ago and up till now - nothing...

Somewhere around June 2007, my late father (Al-Fatihah), spotted some mismanagement of our kampung's mosque funds. Most of the mosque's committee members are from JKKK which directly means UMNO members. My father (his grandfather was the founder of the mosque) felt responsible to stop all the nonsense, started a movement to topple JKKK by secretly gathering support for him and his ally (a prominent Datuk in the area) to win the seat of UMNO Branch Chief and Deputy Chief in the 2008 UMNO election. The support was growing resulted in the secret was no longer a secret and the current chief who is also the JKKK chairman knew about it. But Allah loves him more that He The Almighty summoned him first in Dec 2007.

Due to this event, my mother's application for new roofing was kept refrigerated. Malays are full of envy, revenge and greed - mostly in UMNO....

Will you still bank in UMNO to protect and bring back the dignity of Malays? MELAYU KAN GAGAH DI NUSANTARA????!!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

By-Election atau Bye-Bye-Election??

Pilihanraya Kecil (PRK) Kuala Terengganu telah berakhir dan PAS telah menang bergaya. Alhamdulillah.. Saya anak kelahiran Kuala Terengganu dan mama tersayang keseorangan tinggal di sana setelah papa meninggal. Cuba juga mengajak mama tinggal bersama di KL namun dia lebih selesa tinggal di kampung, "dok la boring, banyok mende boleh buat" katanya.

Agak terkilan kerana tidak mengundi di KT kerana nama telah ter'register' di Balakong mengikut alamat MyKad. Namun, saya berkesempatan pulang pada hujung minggu selepas penamaan calon dan menyaksikan sendiri perang kempen kedua-dua belah pihak dalam keadaan hingar-bingar dan kesesakan jalan adalah lebih teruk dibandingkan semasa pulang berhari raya.

Kekalahan BN telah mengundang pelbagai teori dan persepsi terutama peluang Pakatan Rakyat untuk mengambilalih kerajaan pusat. Kekalahan di KT memberi indikasi gelombang tsunami politik masih kuat walaupun PRU sudah hampir setahun berlalu dan 16 September tidak menjadi kenyataan. Pemimpin BN telah mengeluarkan pelbagai alasan untuk menjustifikasi kekalahan di KT dengan majoriti lebih 2,000 undi berbanding kemenangan Allahyarham Datuk Razali Ismail dengan majoriti lebih 600 undi.

Paling 'glamor' ialah alasan pengundi muda dan taktik kotor pihak pembangkang seperti menghalang pengundi keluar. Hhhhmmm... Taktik kotor pembangkang?? Sungguh bingung memikirkan apa yang pembangkang mampu buat sedangkan BN telah menggerakkan seluruh jentera kerajaan dalam menghadapi PRK ini termasuk menempatkan lebih 10,000 polis di KT sahaja.

Timbalan Pengerusi BN yang juga mengepalai BN di PRK KT telah mengeluarkan kenyataan bahawa UMNO dan BN perlu berubah dan lebih berjiwa rakyat dalam memenangi hati rakyat.

Wah..!! Jelas sekali 'wakil rakyat' yang kita pilih tidak berjiwa rakyat rupanya. Mereka yang sepatutnya menjadi wakil kita dan bekerja untuk menjaga kepentingan kita rupanya tidak 'suka' kita. Habis tu buat apa pilih?? Mereka ini berjiwa apa??

Katanya lagi, UMNO dan BN perlu berubah untuk jadi kurang 'flashy'.... Hmmmm... Terjawab lah soalan tadi. Mereka berjiwa 'sendiri', berjiwa 'mewah', mementingkan tembolok sendiri tanpa memikirkan tujuan asal terpilih. Rupanya rakyat dalam negara mereka hanyalah mereka sendiri dan beberapa orang yang rapat. Rupanya, selama ini kita pilih mereka untuk jadi kaya bukan untuk berkhidmat bagi pihak kita. Salah pilihan kita agaknya.

Berbalik kepada perjalanan pulang saya semasa tempoh berkempen. Kebetulan pula balu Allahyarham Datuk Razali Ismail merupakan dua pupu saya iaitu kami dari moyang yang sama. Sepanjang saya di sana, saya berkesempatan bertemu dengan ramai orang UMNO (kerana pergi dengan seorang kawan ahli UMNO) termasuk beberapa anak pemimpin penting dalam UMNO. Rata-rata apabila ditanya apakah peluang calon BN mereka menjawab 'susah nak menang'. Kenapa?? BN tidak fokus kepada mengambil hati pengundi.

Allahyarham dahulu sering pergi berjemaah subuh di surau atau masjid tiap kali berada di KT dan pernah juga memberi kuliah subuh kepada jemaah. Calon BN yang ini tak pernah kelihatan pun berjemaah sebelum ini. Keluar berkempen pun pukul 10 pagi sebab malam terlalu penat mesyuarat gerakan. Contoh ini diberitahu kepada saya oleh orang yang rapat dengan Allahyarham.

Pemimpin UMNO dan BN datang ke KT dengan 'entourage' yang besar siap dengan 'outrider' dan sebagainya. Apabila pemimpin nak naik lif masuk dan keluar dari hotel, 15 minit sebelumnya lagi tetamu hotel yang lain terpaksalah naik lif barang. Tempat letak kereta penuh memaksa penduduk KT parking la kereta kat mana-mana yang boleh. Nasib baiklah kebanyakkan penduduk KT pandu kereta-kereta kecil sahaja berbanding dengan pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO dan BN ni, jadi bolehlah selit je.

Inilah situasi dan keadaan semasa tempoh berkempen yang mengundang persepsi buruk rakyat kepada BN. Berbeza dengan PAS dan PR. Jauh bezanya macam langit dengan bumi. Ada EXCO PAS dari Kelantan datang ke KT dan menyewa rumah, tinggal di situ bersama beberapa ahli-ahli PAS biasa yang datang dari segenap pelusuk negara. Tinggal di situ macam tinggal di asrama, memasak dan makan bersama-sama. Apabila masuk waktu solat termasuk subuh, mereka pergi berjemaah bersama-sama di surau atau masjid dan seterusnya keluar berkempen dari rumah ke rumah.

Saya percaya, mereka ini bukan buat-buat semata-mata hanya untuk memenangi hati pengundi tetapi kerana mereka memang berhati rakyat. Namun, saya tidak pasti sama ada mereka akan terus begini sekiranya PR berjaya menjadi Kerajaan kelak. Rasanya, hampir semua rakyat negara ini memerlukan pemimpin yang ikhlas dalam memperjuangkan nasib rakyat.

Pada pandangan rakyat, sebenarnya, kekalahan UMNO / BN dalam PRK KT bukanlah kerana pelbagai alasan bodoh yang diberikan oleh pemimpin tetapi sebenarnya lebih kepada - KAMI MAHUKAN 'WAKIL RAKYAT' dan bukannya wakil diri.

Seorang rakan karib saya memberitahu bahawa KT By-Election adalah sebenarnya UMNO/BN Bye-Bye Election...!!!

Hope or Dream??

Obama sworn in as 44th US President.

I believe this headline is the hottest talk in the whole world. I didn't managed to get in front of my TV in time for the auguration ceremony but I did watched the review and highlights this morning. I also believe that many of us in Malaysia at least aware of this event and most of us even paid so much attention in watching the live telecast. Why?? What it has got to do with us??

If you ask somebody related to Mr Obama, they will say it has got everything to do with them. Similarly if you ask the citizens of USA. Even if you ask the people of under invasion Iraq will also agree with the cause of their attention likewise the people of Afganistan. For Muslims and most of the concern people of the world, they will think and hope that Mr Obama is human enough and symphatise the suffering Palestinians and will take bold action to end the war.

The rest of us will just read or watch the news like other regular daily news. No significance at all and nothing to be excited about.

In my point of view, Mr Obama's election to the helm of "most powerful country in the world" can be adopted to us in Malaysia in many ways. Of course the most obvious would be the fact that he is the first black president which when translated means that the citizens of the most powerful country in the world proved to be ir'racial'nal and already accepting the rights of minority or the migrant of the country.

Secondly, he has not yet 48 years old when he was elected in Nov 08 and even now when he has already sworn in. This acknowledge that the young blood is more in charge of the situation even there was a ball attributed to the youth in celebrating Mr Obama's swearing in.

Thirdly, he is very educated man with excellent academic records, not just a no brainer politician and also a true fighter. He graduated from Columbia State (B.A.) and Harvard Law School (J.D.) and imagine that he went through all that without a father figure in his life as his family was broken. Brilliant and survivor which makes him 'berjiwa rakyat' and really understand the plight normal people.

Let's try to picture all these into our own Malaysia..... What do you see????!!!! HOPE or DREAM??!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Elderly Unity....

Yesterday, as I took my daughter to the playground just in front of my house, I met an old chinese uncle who also brought his grandson to play there. I said hi and we engaged in a basic conversation. I asked him where he came from as I noticed that his malay is quite fluent with some Terengganu accent. I was proven right as he is originally from Pulau Kambing, Terengganu and is here to stay with his daughter. We went into a more intimate conversation as we're 'sekampung' and to my surprise, his wife was from the same 'kampung' as my mother and in fact just 2 doors away from my grandmother's house. He even recognise my uncle who passed away last year and noticed that I have some physical resemblance to him.

He asked me to call my mother and invited us to his house which is just 4 doors away from my house. What a small world. My mother straight away recognised the nyonya addressed as 'Mek Bujang' (according to my mother she was called Bujang as she got married very late). Mek Bujang did not recognise my mother because my mother moved out of the house some 30 years ago after getting married but she remembers strongly of my grandmother (Mok Ngoh Mek) and my great grandmother (Mok Ngoh Nye). The conversation got louder with laughter and walk down the memory lane.

What really fascinate me was that their closeness, really like old family friends regardless of race. The smell of 'colok cina' inside the house did not really affected my mother in talking with Mek Bujang with their hands holding each other. Wow...!!! So much for the race issue raised by so many Malays (especially UMNO Malays) nowadays.

So Mek Bujang told me that their families were very close together during those old days that even my great grandmother often went to her house to borrow some jewelleries whenever she wanted to go to weddings or kenduri. They even lend monies between each other during time of need.

Then she came out with this exact statement - "Kite, orang dulu dulu, memang rapat macam adik beradik doh. Dok kire cine ke melayu. Le ni jer sibuk baloh pasal melayu ngan cine. Dok tahu la bakpe. Melayu le ni banyok ngat deki ke cine padahal cine ni cume nok cari makang je. Kalu kite duduk molek macam zamang dulu dulu, sama sama boleh carik makang."

Translation - All of us were very close those days regardles of Malay or Chinese. Only now the Malay and Chinese are fighting against each other and don't know why. The Malays are envy of the Chinese although the Chinese are only making their ends meet. If all of us live like the old days, everyone will be happy.

The politicians are the one to be blame for all this regardless of their parties. They will play this issue in their political struggle. They will raise this sentiment when they want support especially from people within their own organisation. They will talk about this when they need to maintain their position so that they will be fatter and fatter.

The fact is, they forgot about all this when money is involved. When they got paid millions of RM to approve projects. When they receive millions of gifts just to persuade approvals. ETC...

Be reminded that in Islam, all humans are His servants regardless of their race. What differ is only their 'IMAN'. But still, muslims are taught to treat others with respect.

So much we can learn from the past or the least just learn something from the elderly. They are wiser in that sense when no personal interest involved.

I totally agree... What say you...???